If you want to spend the weekend with your family and loved ones but you are confused if you should get the large group tour or private tour, then you should consider the details provided in this article that will help you decide. This article will tell you why you should prefer a private tour instead of a large group tour, so be sure that you go over and finish reading this article. There are a number of things why Private tours is a better choice and you would also get many added values if you avail of this type of tour. Here below are some top reasons why you should go with a private tour instead of a large group tour.


Reason 1: You and your family can decide where you want to go during the tour.


If you can get to make the itinerary during the tour, then this would mean that you can get to choose what places and cities you want to go. When you avail of the private tour, you can get to choose what time you would want to visit a certain place. If you want, you can now start searching for amazing and beautiful places that you might want to go when you visit a country. Get more details about Vietnam travels at


Reason 2: You can get any accommodations that you want during the tour.


When you prefer a group tour, then you would get to visit places with other people. There are also a number of standard large hotels you can get to visit during the tour. But you won't be very comfortable in the tour and you wont have that moment where you can easily talk anything with your family and friends. Again, be sure that you do more research as to where to find the best travel agency that can offer you great private tour services.


Reason 3: There is flexibility.


When you get to travel as a private tour, then you are able to stop at a place you want and visit any place that interest you. You get to choose what time you want to start out your day. You can do anything you want, so be sure you travel as a private tour. Know the things to do in vietnam here! 


Reason 4: You get to choose your preferred food stores.


You can even choose the exotic restaurants that you want to try. If you want to try new dishes, then be sure you look for a restaurant that provides you with exotic meals. One a private tour, you can get to choose what restaurants, places, styles of dishes, budget while having quality time with your family.


Reason 5: It is a tour with just your loved ones.


One top reasons why most people would want to avail of the private tour is that they can spend the whole time with just their family and friends.



Take note of the reasons above and decide what is best for your family and friends. Check here to know the things to do in ho chi minh here!